Shared ownership home the right move for all the family

Wendy and Aegene Rodgers knew they had bought the right home when it got the seal of approval from their pets.

The mother and daughter moved in to their SO Living home in Primrose Park, Whitleigh, in August.

They looked at several properties before seeing their low-energy Passivhaus home which they knew had the ‘wow’ factor as soon as they walked through the door.

But it was the reaction from their cat that persuaded Wendy and Aegene to buy the shared ownership property through SO Living.

Wendy said: “Our cat is 16 and never wanted to be in the flat where we were before. She was always out. But since we’ve moved here she doesn’t like going out. It’s like having a new cat. They say animals can sense things. Even the dogs are more relaxed.”

Wendy and Aegene owned a ground floor flat closer to the city centre but wanted to move due to problems with their neighbours.

Wendy has health problems and needs a mobility scooter to get around. They looked at a few shared ownership homes but none were right – until they came across Primrose Park.

All the homes at Primrose Park are built to Passivhaus standards which means they have excellent thermal performance and bills are extremely low.

Wendy said: “We looked at the floor plans and they gave us a real taste for what we could get. It’s a lifetime home which means it’s adaptable for any future changes I might need.”

Aegene added: “As soon as I walked through the front door, it was ‘wow!’. It was bright and airy and spacious, not too boxy. It’s got character too.

“Our neighbours are great. We met Chantelle on the first day and Jen on the other side too. They were really helpful. They helped put our wardrobe together. It’s nice to have our own garden too.”

It was not all plain sailing for the pair. They found a buyer for their flat but the sale fell through. Fortunately SO Living was able to hold it for them and when Wendy and Aegene found another buyer they moved in within three months.

Wendy said: “The whole process was smooth. If I had any queries I knew I could call Vicki from SO Living and she would help. She was rooting for us all the way. She knew this was the right property for us because of my disability. It’s healthier living here. The air is fresh. We’ve got no regrets about moving here. I look forward to getting up in the morning.”

To find out more about SO Living homes, give us a call on 0800 0778 748.