Why rent when you can buy for less!

See what you could own for less than you’d pay for rent*

Typical example based on 2 bedroom house

Open Market Value: £173,000
Share purchased 40%: £69,200
Mortgage deposit 5%: £3,460
Mortgage: £65,740
Mortgage payments: £333.00
Rent: £234.00
Service Charges: £26.00
Total monthly cost: £592.00

Come and view our new two-bed homes at Porsham Heights and see for yourself

Thursday 12 April 4.30-6.30pm

17 Tresco Gardens, Porsham Heights, Southway, PL6 6ED

For more information please see our flyer or contact us on 0800 0778 748

* Assumption used: Based on 30 year repayment mortgage. A 5% deposit. Interest rate of 4.49%. Rent is based on 2.7% of the unsold equity (60% of Open Market Value) per annum. All other purchase fees exclude mortgage arrangement fees and reservation fees and legal fees. Independent legal and financial advice should always be obtained.